5 Ways To Use Washi Tape

I love washi tape; it is so versatile and can be used by anyone. So if you want a bullet journal to look pretty, then you need this neat trick. You don’t need to be arty; you just need a bit of creativity to help you use it in the way that will suit you and your bullet journal. 

Vogue's 73 Questions Tag

I got nominated by the lovely Julia (go and check out her post) to do the vogue tag, which is when you answer 73 questions about yourself, which makes this blog post a good little way for you guys to learn some new things about me. I thought this looked really fun and I love reading interview type posts so I have decided to have a go!

5 Essential Things I Wish I Knew Before Attending University

I swear university needs a survival guide or something but no... society wants us to learn these things as you go along. When your poor and food goes missing, you cannot stand the mess of the communal areas and your sick of the fire alarm going off at 5 am every morning, your just meant to suck it up and say "oh yeh, that's university for you!'

Explore With Me: Italy

Italy is such a beautiful country, My mum and I went to Lido de Jesolo on a holiday for a week and I loved chilling by the pool (which is the only way I'll ever read a book), seeing some of the sights Italy had to offer, and spending time with my mum whilst drinking prosecco and eating bruschetta.

Explore With Me: Portsmouth

I think I have done the majority of attractions around Portsmouth, so I am here, as your travel guide when you decide that you want to explore this city! Portsmouth is a historic town, mixed in with some new parts.