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4 Ways To Get Motivated About Blogging

4 Ways To Get Motivated About Blogging

There is always a time when you have a no motivation to blog at all and then your schedule get's left because you are in a blogging slump and when you try to write a post, you open up Word and begin to type but nothing, you are left with a white blank page. I think every blogger has been there. Well, at least I have. It is annoying when you just cannot get any motivation to write a blog post because you haven't been inspired recently. It can get you down at times, but hopefully, I will help you... 

motivation about blogging

How to get your motivation back in 4 easy steps:

  1. Change your theme
  2. Update your old pictures
  3. Read other people's blog posts
  4. Brainstorm ideas

Change Your Theme

A new theme can really give your blog a new look and makes you more enthusiastic to get back into enjoying the content process of your blog. Making your theme easy to navigate makes so much difference to other bloggers who click onto your site. So it is a win-win for everyone. It took me ages to get a theme that I loved and worked with the type of blog posts I wanted to create. When I decided that this was the theme I used, it made me so much more excited to write more content. I am currently using Squarespace's theme and I am in love. I love the minimalistic feel of this theme as I think it lets the content speak for itself. 

Update Your Old Pictures

Make sure your pictures look good, to complement your theme! Canva has been my life saver recently as I have updated all my feature images on my blog. I loved a design layout, on Canva which I now use for all my images to keep them consistent. I think it makes my blog look so much better than it did! It took a long time but it was so worth it! There are also free stock images (such as Pexels) that you can use on your blog too, I sometimes use them but I mainly want to take my own pictures. It definitely helps the look of your blog when your pictures are of a high quality. I want to learn how to take my own quality photos too as I think the overall look of a blog is really important for potential readers and presenting yourself as a blogger.

Read Other People's Blog Posts

What better way to get more ideas for your blog than to read, comment and share the love of other blogs. Not only will the other bloggers love the fact you’re reading and sharing their content, it will also help you get ideas for yours. Although I must stress that copying is different than just getting some inspiration, also if it is necessary, always make sure that you mention the other blog that inspired you to write something similar, it's just good manners. My favourite blogs that get me motivated to write a new blog post are forever amber, poppy deyes and wonder forest. I come away from their blogs with a number of different ideas and with a fresh new perspective of what I want my new blog post will be.

Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorm all your ideas, it will get you motivated to get all of your ideas onto one page. Then when you do experience a bloggers slump, at least you have some ideas to fall back on. I am a pro list maker which is a great skill to have as a blogger. I make lists about all the posts that I want to write about so that in one session of blogging I can write more than one post because I have them all there in one place. I create these lists on my computer because that is where I write all of my blog posts. I also use my phone to create lists so that when I am out and about I can write down any ideas that pop into my head.

And Finally...

...sometimes all you need to do is get away from your laptop for a couple of hours or so. Spend time with your family and friends and let your mind rest. In no time a blog post will come to you because you are not trying too hard to come up with the perfect blog post. Just remember to have a section within your phone for all those incredible ideas that you come up with because who knows when that motivational moment will hit you. 

Then you will be finally ready to write amazing content again. What do you do to stay motivated while you blog? 


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